3, 2, 1 . . . Launch

Welcome to the official launch –

I have been dragging out the launch for far too long.  I wanted to have everything finished and perfect, but then I decided that it would be best to allow it to evolve over time.  There will be empty links, blank pages, and incomplete areas for awhile.  There will be changes and makeovers while I find what works and what doesn’t.  I thought that I would start with some posts and start to fill in some of the other information as I go.  Soon it will be expanded to have tips, tricks, tutorials and so much more.

My original intention was to have the website up and running in time for SolidWorks World 2011 (which it was, thanks to a ton of help from my friend M.O.)  I thought that it would be fun to blog about the events of SolidWorks World while I was there, but then I decided to just take it all in and do the writing later.  It has now been a month since we were headed to San Antonio, and now I am ready to start writing about the adventure.  Stay tuned . . .

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